to my Filipino recipes:  by Analou Fajardo

This is my Recipes website project responsive design for my studio in multimedia design school in Dania academy.

So this inspires me to use my own ideas and proud of my cooking recipes from my beloved home land which is Philippines and all other cultural cuisine.
and I'm using all materials like my own pictures from my own smarthphone camera or pro camera for foods, videos and other stuffs.

My recipes are somehow also inspired from other recipes that i have found on internet but sometimes, I do always experimenting when Im doing cooking.

So enjoy and have fun cooking ! and dont forget to click a like down belows like-icon or leave a comments to my recipes.
Thank you!

Here should be the videos for my cooking steps; but I'm using video from you tube instead, as of the moment..and will soon upload it later for some samples about my videos for steps in cooking, since I dont have anymore time left to submit this studio website project of mine in half hour. So please have patience :-D

Photo credited by:
Ana Fajardo
Mediagraphic portfolio